In this era of the digital world, everybody carries a smartphone with himself. These smartphones are smarter enough to guide you around the globe. If you are planning a business trip or vacations, these phones are going to be the best guide. Traveling is not only fun but hectic as well. There are hundreds of apps available to make your trip hassle-free. You can navigate through airports, check your flight status, public transport, discounted hotel packages, weather updates, public transport and whatever you want.

Some apps are specifically designed for a particular country, which is very helpful in that particular region. There is a variety of apps available used worldwide. Google also provides many well-known apps for travelers, like Google trips, Google flights, Google maps Google translate etc. I don’t list them in this post because I want to discuss less known apps. I listed a few apps that can be used globally and free of cost. Let’s have a look at them.

List of Apps for Travelers

1.  Airfare With Hopper

It is a popular app for managing the cheapest available tickets. You just have to enter departure and destination airports Hopper gives you best rates. It analyzes a large amount of data from airlines and predicts the date for lowest possible tickets. It sends you to push notifications when the price goes down, so there’s no need to worry about best possible dates. Finding a good deal is time-consuming, but at the same time you can save up to 40% on your flight.

2. Track Your Flights With FlightRadar24

This is a popular app in the aviation industry. This is helpful for commuters and their families. You can track any aircrafts site at any time. This is one of the great apps, shows live air traffic around the globe. You will get information about aircraft route, time of departure, estimated time of arrival, speed, altitude, flight history (how often this flight delays) etc. You can filter flights by airport, flight number, aircraft etc.

3. Find Accommodation Using HotelTonight

As the name suggests it is the hotel booking app. According to the customers’ reviews, this app is very helpful for last-minute trips or short trips. Actually, hotels demand more charges if you are on a short trip like just a night stay or you want to book a room urgently. In these cases, hotels booking charges are quite high. This app helps to find accommodation at discounted prices. A customer’s review might helpful for you.

4. Explore With TripAdvisor

Before visiting a new place you have to know about that place. By using TripAdvisor you can explore the heart of the city, authentic restaurants, and cool things before your trip. It is actually all in one app. Actually, this is all in one app. You can book your tickets, find accommodation, food places etc. It also manages travel forum and 500+ million travelers reviews. It is easy to use and one of the oldest website (app).

5. Navigate With Mooveit

As a tourist you have to move through the city, you are unaware of the transport structure. It is an amazing transport app for commuters. It is available 1700 cities and 79 countries worldwide. It helps you to find the best possible transportation services near you. It determines the best routes either you or walking or cycling or using a public transport. Locate your nearest substation, accurately predict arrival times of various transportation modes, alert for rain delays, determines the detailed information about the desired place.

6. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

It is VPN ( Virtual Private Network). Whenever you move to another country, there are some geo-blocked websites. To browse through your favorite websites you must need a proxy server. I browsed through many websites but didn’t find any VPN that is globally available. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN and most popular as well. It has a wide range of servers available worldwide.

7. XE Currency

Whenever you plan a trip, you first think of currency used at that place. XE Currency might help you by providing reliable exchange rates. It is a great app because it works offline as well. It saves the last updated rates. You can convert up to 180+ currencies.

8. Learn And Speak With Duolingo

Before visiting a place it’s wise to know about the national language. You must be able to learn and speak some basic phrases or questions before your trip. Duolingo is an app that provides a fun way to learn any language. It provides quizzes, discusses icon, comments by other learners as well. It offers lessons from a beginner level to advanced level.

Some Localized Apps

There is some localized app, which is worth sharing. There are hundreds of such apps available. Have a look at them.

Mobile Passport App

This amazing app is exclusively for US citizens. It can expedite airport customs and immigration process for US passport holders. This app can save your time and you bypass the tedious custom and immigration process.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

This app is also specifically for US citizens. The name of the app is self-explanatory. This app is all about UV forecast of the desired location. It tells the SPF of sunscreen based on your skin type. It also tells you how to dress, to minimize the effect of UV rays.


A complete road trip planner for tourists. It has a curated database of sightseeing places in the US and Canada. It also offers personalized suggestions based on your interest. It suggests nearest parks, restaurants etc.


There are many such mobile apps available, offering unique features. The smartphones make the travel smarter than ever before. Now the traveling is more budget friendly. You don’t need to find or hire local guides, you don’t need to carry a paper map along with you, travel books are outdated now.


Hudson is currently an editor at Hudson Rhine. She also holds a degree in Computer Science from Bridgewater College. She loves to write about software and tech shaping the future. She lives in Virginia with her parents.

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