To well protect your asset now a day you will have to ensure you protect them well with the correct security system. So, are you secured enough?

For property, in a small country such as Singapore, there is already 16,460 housebreaking case for the first 6 months of 2018. In 2015, there is a total of 1,130,900 of housebreaking occurring in the American. So, What about the whole world? Is your property well protected?

Other than physical asset you have other confidential information that you have placed in your laptop or online. Those are also very critical information which you have to secure too. There is an increasing statistic in this. This year Sep 28, Facebook has been hacked and 50million Facebook account are left exposed. Facebook can be hacked so are your laptop. Did you purchase the correct software to secure your information well?

We separated security into two form the hardware security and software security.

What is hardware security?

Hardware security involves using electronic devices, for example, CCTV camera to help secure your physical asset for example house or office. In 2015/16, there is a total of 670 000 households encountered housebreaking. Will you be the next?

Using the correct electronic appliance and available technology it can help reduce the chance of housebreaking. So, let me talk about the available appliance which you can use.

  • CCTV Camera

The camera is used to assist crime fighting in most of the country. This camera is able to recognize faces, car plate number, or even bags that are left unattended. This explains the increase in CCTV installed all over the world now.

Do not randomly get one CCTV and installed in your house, that will not be the best option. Do some research online on the brand before you make any purchase. HikVision IP camera was hacked on 2017. Those who did not update the firmware and are still using the old firmware are still exposed to being hacked. After the incident, HikVision has worked on their security function and we personally prefer HikVision system now. This year June they released a new technology called ColorVu which help to record footage in colour when in the dark.

  • Door Access System

Is your house still using the traditional key or new door access system? Using the traditional method, you are still at risk for pick locker. They will still be able to access into your home using the old method. Now a day, People are changing over to Biometric door lock which requires either a card, fingerprint or a password to enter the house. This will ensure your house is better secured.

  • Burglar alarm system

Motion detector which will trigger the alarm whenever a motion is detected. Working with the magnetic contact on all the doors, window or any other available entrance. It can trigger the alarm whenever the contact is broken. Some of the available alarm can actually link to your security agency which they will help do the necessary following up when the alarm is triggered. Choose one which can be trusted.  We have heard from people that their agency actually did not do anything once the alarm is triggered. They will call you and ask you to go and check by yourself.

This is some of the equipment which you can use for your house and office to help protect your property and prevent housebreaking. Now we will move on to the software security.

What is Software security?

Software security help to protect your information that you have installed on your laptop or any other electronic device. This does not include information you have shared online. Information that has been shared online will be left to the respective agency to help secure them.

As we can see, hacking cases are getting more common as everyone is going digitalized. We are more comfortable to save personal information or confidential document on your laptop or on a hard disk. Are they safe? Without the correct software to help secure your information, you are still at risk. Facebook has set up layers of security but still get hacked what about you?

There is many software out there which you can use now a day. Have you gotten one yet? Here is a list of brands which you can consider.

–    TotalAV

–    PCProtect

–    McAfee

–    Kaspersky

–    Avira

–    Norton

–    Avast

We cannot say which is the best option. All of them are good software for internet security. Always remember to keep them updated. It will be useless if you have the software but do not update them. The new update is usually to tackle newly found breaches on the software.

We will be going into the type of software you have to get now a day for securing your information.

  • Firewall

It prevents unauthorized users from accessing your information on your device. Without a proper Firewall, you are open to everyone. Anyone with the proper knowledge can actually access all your document stored in the electronic device, for example, your laptop, handphone or tablet.

  • Antivirus

It prevents malicious software from attacking your device. The virus usually come in a form of application and will easily duplicate itself when the application is executed. It is always recommended to scan every document after you download it to prevent this virus from attacking.

  • AntiSpyware

Spyware can track all the activity you have done on your device. It does not involve stealing of information so it will not be easily detected. With an AntiSpyWare, it can notify you and block the spyware from any further action on your device.

  • Network Security

This is more applicable for a company with multiple computers linking on the same server. It is a security that protects a network from attacks. Antivirus and Firewall are usually installed in the server to prevent virus and unauthorized user from reaching the network.


Hudson is currently an editor at Hudson Rhine. She also holds a degree in Computer Science from Bridgewater College. She loves to write about software and tech shaping the future. She lives in Virginia with her parents.

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