Do you have a tech event planned for the near future? Many businesses whether they are from a tech niche or not conduct tech-based events from time to time to improve their business’s functionality. If you are organizing a tech-based event that is concentrated with a lot of tech devices implementation, transforming your venue will have some additional requirements.

Alongside usual event preparations and venue implementations, you will also need to incorporate different tech-based ideas. These can be tech devices or whatever idea that provides a technologically advanced look and feel. When you want boosted functionality from your events, these tech devices can also offer that winning edge with their hardware and software optimizations.

Here are a few venue transformation ideas that can create that perfect tech environment for your events:

Turn the Main Wall into a Full LED Wall

Large screen LED walls are almost always a must-have technology implementation for most events. Tech events need a large LED wall even more as they are usually based on product demos and presentations from industry leaders. By turning your mail wall to which everyone will be facing, you can create a proper presentation and event-based environment that will also be very functional for your events. Make sure to also get high-quality Audio devices to work with your large LEDs for a boosted presentation experience for all kinds of tech events.

Make a Versatile Social Media Booth

How often you felt like sharing the progress of a technology event on your social media walls in the past? Almost everyone prefers to make those instant social media shares across different and all platforms spreading the news across their channels. Especially on technology-based product launches and trade shows, this social media activity is on an all-time high.

Rather than people having to carry their own devices and have a working internet connection to achieve this, event organizers can provide the facility of a social media booth by facilitating with the right devices. For events, IPad Hire devices are available from the quality supplier where you can only pay their small rental fees rather than their full expensive price points. Load all social media platforms on these and your audience will get the news out for you.

IPads for Everyone

When you have smaller events like board meetings or employee training sessions at your own venues, you can use iPads to create a very advanced tech based environment. By handing out iPads for every attendee and higher level management people, you will make them feel special. They will not have to follow the presenter’s pace as well and can scroll around at their own pace. Of course for your temporary events investing iPad’s full price points is not a great option as well. You should look for high-quality iPad Rental options for this implementation as well. These iPads can also be customized with business logo wallpapers and stickers when required providing a full business look about them.

Secondary Relay Screens for Large Events

When you have really large events like Tradeshows and Product Launch Events, just that one large screen might not be enough. People sitting in the back might have a blocked view regardless of how big the screen is. A very effective solution for this problem is to have secondary relay screens setup not too far out from the back wall of your event venue hall. This large relay screen can be hung from the ceiling providing another display for viewers to look at. You will have no backbenchers complaining that they cannot see the proceedings of your events as everyone will get a full share of the content on display for the whole duration of your event.

Offering that VR Tech

Do you wish to make your tech events the most amazing experiences for all or most of your attendees? Whether you have an open event like a tradeshow or a business personal one such as a high tier director’s meeting, you can use VR (Virtual Reality) devices to really amaze your audiences. Load up your event appropriate content in them and let all your attendees get some free time on these amazing devices. Not only will your meetings and events be talked about for a long time but the whole modern tech transformation will also stand as a milestone for other events in the region as well.


Hudson is currently an editor at Hudson Rhine. She also holds a degree in Computer Science from Bridgewater College. She loves to write about software and tech shaping the future. She lives in Virginia with her parents.

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