Newyear is the perfect time for the marketers for branching out of the comfort zones and get the benefit of the new trends and progresses with the help of tools. Here are some ways which they can use for implementing the new ideas in their marketing efforts.

Along with the new marketing trends, there are 4 predictions mentioned on the basis of research which you will see throughout 2019. By the end of this year, you can review them and see how accurate they were.

Trend #1: Automation and Machine learning will be embraced by Marketers

One of the top trends in 2019 will be Marketing automation.  You can call automation as the branch of the machine learning, however, it gives a fine introduction of how you can achieve your goals by using automated systems.

Don’t worry, you are not on the height of the future of the western world, and by using automation, you don’t need to sacrifice authenticity. While using the automation tools usefully, you can handle a few of the menial work in such a way that you spend much time connecting your brand directly to your potential customers.

As per the SmartInsights, the marketing automation will become the best marketing trend in 2019. Fortunately, there exists no one approach in automation which fits all sizes, so the marketers must be created for using automation in the business.

Machine learning uses AI or artificial intelligence for learning the behaviors and trends of customers. It can be in form of the automation for streamlining customer loyalty, or by using the chatbots for helping customers in a better way about the support resources of your company. There are some platforms which integrate more features of AI for helping customers much fast and making them familiar to a particular service or product.

Trend #2: Mobile promotions and Omni-channel will be more focused by Marketers.

A lot of marketers will move further this year and think regarding the promotions which are exclusively related to the mobile, moving farther than the desktop, and building campaign or landing pages using the mobile experience. This shows that the campaigns will get easier to use and more readable.

There is an extensive amount of the advantages of the promotions on Omni- channel, which links to the promotion that is made very approachable from different platforms like campaign organized on Facebook, embedded on the site, included in the bio of Instagram, and shared on the landing pages. It is a prediction that in 2019, you will see a lot of marketers taking this kind of approach, getting out of only a single social media network. So, resultantly, marketers will see a rise in the leads gathered via multiple platforms.

Trend #3: Marketers will feature the live video in campaigns

If live video feature got took off in 2018, then 2019 will be the year where marketers will be creative in this – thanks to the apps such as Periscope and Facebook Live. Expect to see the live videos becoming the active portion of numerous promotional efforts all across the world. Up till now, it is not easy for marketers to collect the data using the live video for following up their efforts, however, you can tend to create the landing pages for taking benefit of your interest in the live stream.

As per the latest blog by social media examiner, the marketers are using the tools for the live video like Periscope and Snap Chat for creating engagement. And as HubSpot is becoming one of the most famous marketing trends of last year, it is still a new feature for business owners. The marketers can go through a few successful examples like black Friday by Lowe provides the live stream which is broadcasted on the Facebook and 32,000 people viewed it.

Due to the success stories like this one, it can be predicted that the live video will get embraced not only by the large companies having large follower count but small companies, too, will use this for creating the large brand exposure to the audience. Instagram also announced the recent video feature and marketers can now use it along with an ability to Instagram Followers Order.

Trend #4: programs of customer loyalty will be created by the marketers

You can geek out a big time regarding customer locality, thus get excited to view the marketers focusing more on the development of programs of customer loyalty.  The main reason is the increase in the model of subscription. It refers to the viewers subscribing to the products or services repeatedly, instead of making purchases of one-time.

This subscription model dominates the startups as well as independent businesses. But the subscriptions only work if there exists customer buying-in, and not only monetarily. Customers need to feel the personal connection with the brand and continue to spend money with you.


Hudson is currently an editor at Hudson Rhine. She also holds a degree in Computer Science from Bridgewater College. She loves to write about software and tech shaping the future. She lives in Virginia with her parents.

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