Selecting the fastest VPN service that will continue to maintain your online traffic private and safe while providing adequate speed for your activities can be more than strenuous, especially when you do not hold any prior experience. All the VPNs slows down the speed of your internet to some extent, some do it less some do it more than others. You are making this sacrifice for high data consuming tasks like gaming and streaming your favorite shows in HD from any location. The extra VPN channel to secure the entire connection slows down the server speed by adding encrypted security layers

A VPN’s foremost purpose is to ensure the security and privacy online, but none of us wants to compromise speed. High speed is the first priority for those buying online for a VPN service and when it comes to VPNs, however, it is very difficult to accurately figure out the speed factor.  Speed tests are run by us as experientially as possible while choosing for a VPN provider because many providers claim to be the best fastest VPN service, provider, but as a matter of fact, the speed of VPN varies from place to place and the fastest VPN for online gaming might not be the same for streaming videos. Also, the fastest VPN service in the morning probably isn’t the speediest at night.

Why do I need the fastest VPN?

Although safety and privacy are until now the most important attributes of any VPN service, speed is also a critical element, for maintaining the overall performance of your computer and not just for streaming and torrenting.

  • Streaming

The fastest and quickest way to access online content without downloading is called streaming. Unlike normal downloading, streaming lets you use the online content without downloading the entire file. For example, when you stream a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you can watch it immediately after clicking the “play” button. You don’t need to download the entire video in order to play it, which is one of the main benefits of streaming.

Another major advantage of streaming the online content is the factor that it’s not permanently saved on your PC once you stop using it. Except you deliberately save content for offline usage, the streamed online data will automatically be erased after you’re done with it. However, for streaming, there has to be a high-speed internet connection but the type of streamed media determines the speed needed.

Streaming is formulated to convey data fast, so if the speed of your internet connection is slow or interrupted you are most likely to experience slow buffering. For example, while watching a movie, the buffer will reserve a few minutes of video in advance. If your internet connection is not up to the mark or inadequate, the speed of buffer won’t be quick enough and the stream will either reduce the quality of the audio/video or stop, to compensate.

  • Torrenting P2P File Sharing

People usually use the terms ‘torrent’ and ‘BitTorrent’ closely, but in actual they are not the same. A simple file holding metadata of the content which you’re about to download is called torrent, whereas, on the other hand, BitTorrent is a term used to signify protocol of a file transfer that divides larger parts of shared files into smaller fragments.

The speed of your internet connection is critical for rapid and effortless downloads. Most importantly, internet service providers are known to choke bandwidth as they detect torrenting, so having a higher speed internet connection helps certainly.

Can a VPN slow down my internet?

Yes, it can, as all the VPNs slow down an internet connection to some extent. This is because the VPN protects your data with the encryption and your internet is being routed via a VPN server that may experience loss of speeds of connection. The fastest VPN server is the one that has the least effect on connection speeds.

Many of the VPNs can slow down your internet by up to 95%. Our suggested fastest VPN services will slow your internet connection down by a much lesser percentage.

Choosing the Fastest VPN Service

Conflicting to widely accepted belief, there is nothing called the best fastest VPN. VPN’s speed depends on multiple factors, including the original speed of your internet. If the speed of your internet is slow, you can’t anticipate VPN’s speed to be reasonable, it makes no difference what you do. Keeping that in mind, here are some critical factors that affect the speed of your VPN.

  • Server Locations

For better VPN speeds, you will need a connection with a VPN server that’s geographically closer to you. The more the mileage between your computer and the VPN server the more the overall complexity of internet traffic, resulting in a decrease of your VPN speed.

This is the reason why we explored for fastest VPN services having wide server networks that will allow the users from all over the world to look out for servers that are not only close to them but also guarantee optimal speed.  

  • Protocols

Protocols of a VPN connection are critical when we talk about online security, but they can also obstruct your connection speed remarkably. In simple words, VPN protocols vary with VPN speeds. If you are not satisfied with the current speed of your VPN, you might try to give some speed boost to your VPN by experimenting with different VPN protocols.

While opting for the fastest VPN services of 2018, we made sure to inculcate only the ones that support a large range of VPN connection protocols, allows to increase speed and dabble with different settings.

  • Encryption

Generally, slower VPN speeds are a result of higher encryption strength, so a 128-bit-keys encryption will make for a speedy and faster VPN than the one having 256-bit keys.

In order to boost the connection speed of your VPN, you can dabble around weaker encryptions. Our list constitutes of fastest VPN services that provide many connection protocols, allowing you to customize your VPN settings for a favorable speed.

Encryptions which are weak put less pressure on your CPU, which boosts the overall performance of your device.

Speed vs Security

While adding security to a VPN connection it is evident that it would result in loss of speed. When we use an algorithm of a stronger encryption, that means, it takes a long time to encrypt and decrypt data traveling through the VPN.

In order to increase speed, there is a boundary that does not need to be crossed as certainly you don’t need a staunch security all the time. We advise against using PPTP and recommend readers to opt for a protocol that uses IPSec encryption (IKEv2, L2TP) or SSL (OpenVPN)

Most of the best fastest VPN providers do not provide you an option, anyway, but never disable the encryption altogether. A 128-bit AES is the least strength encryption compulsory for a VPN to keep your data safe and do its job.

Also more the powerful devices, more they will be able to encrypt and decrypt data quickly.

Best Fastest VPN Services 2018

Keeping in view all the needs of our readers and to help them make ideal decision for their needs, we have chosen some fastest VPN services of 2018, which are as follows:


When it comes to downloading speed ExpressVPN is one of the best choices. A factor that defines ExpressVPN is ‘consistency’. The connections drop a little bit, but the company is doing a tremendous job keeping in view the size of the network they are managing.

ExpressVPN is currently offering 3 packages i.e 12.95$ for one month, 9.99$/month for 6 months and 8.32$/month for 12 months (this plan offers a 35% discount on the monthly price). All the packages offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Talking about speed, NordVPN has left behind ExpressVPN in the race by a little margin. NordVPN is not so good at selecting the best server of the selected location. But the good news is that the app allows a manual selection of a specific server and view the load volume.

Nord VPN is currently offering 4 packages i.e 11.95$ for one month, 6.99$/month for 1 year (this plan offers a 41% discount on monthly price), 3.99$/month for 2 years (this plan offers a 66% discount on monthly price), 2.99$/month for a 3 year plan (this plan offers a 75% discount on monthly price).


PrivateVPN offers full-featured and powerful service at an amazing price. Its Spartan interface might confuse the new users but it is invincible at BitTorrent and P2P file sharing also it has a vigorous stance on customer privacy.

PrivateVPN is currently offering 3 packages i.e 6.95$ for one month, 3.33$/month for 12 months (this plan offers a 52% discount on monthly price), and 2.91$/month for 24 months (this plan offers a 58% discount on the monthly price). All the packages offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

Conclusion- Is the fastest VPN always the best?

Speed should never be a factor when you decide to shop for a VPN online. For one purpose your internet would most probably serve you faster without a VPN but for another speed depends on your current server and your location etc.

Price is obviously the main issue, right now the average monthly price of a VPN is 6.95$ so if a VPN is charging more than that, they better provide something extraordinary.


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