Almost all the foods that you buy from the stores containing palm oil. Yes, there could be anything such as cake mix, ice cream, chocolates, doughnuts, frozen meals, potato chips, canned soups, even though, in baby formula, you might find “palm oil” in it.

However, mondelez palm oil can also be seen in some non-food products such as detergents, soaps, and even your personal hygiene items. However, mondelez is known to be the most famous palm oil manufacturing company which delivers the right amount of palm oil in their products.

Thus, according to a report of Rainforest Action Network, that anything you eat, comes out of any kind of packaging’s like a box or a bag, the chances are you are consuming palm oil.

Though it is also essential to find out the process of producing palm oil and that’s why the Rainforest network shared their dealing process when they are out to investigate the production of palm oil.

Palm Oil

Although, Rainforest Action Network is revealing some facts of using traceable palm oil to many respectable food manufacturers. In which, they also shared the facts of making palm oil by the well-known company “mondelez.”

However, rainforest also said that food manufacturers should have to adopt effective palm oil policies and as well as a commitment to using palm oil that would be free of human rights violation and deforestation. That’s why they inspected those powerful and famous companies which are involving in the production of palm oil.

Somehow, that report actually points out 20 of the biggest and most famous snack food corporations and estimates their use of palm oil purchasing engagements and shortfalls.

The Best Palm Oil Manufacturer Among All

According to the mondelez sustainability, the company has collected a great power to deliver amazing quality food and snacks. Although, their main agenda is always to supply a good range of products which are also saved for human rights violation.

Though, the manufacturer also said that they always lead the snacking future throughout the world, and which is also attempted to the policies as well.

  • Right for using in a common purpose of life.
  • Their food always right when you wants a delicious bite.
  • Absolutely safe and right for your well-being.
  • Right for the policies and communities and for the planet as well.

Three Strategic Priorities by Mondelez Palm Oil

When we were getting involved with the process of mondelez palm oil, we get to know their three basic strategies, include:

  • Development: This is about expediting customer-centric maturity by using uninterrupted access to snacking, balancing the expense over both local and global brands, modifying the process of marketing and further investing in key marketing.
  • Performance: The best thing about mondelez is that they are focused on pushing operational perfection and constant cost development across all sectors of the business.
  • Culture: They also said that they are busy in building a leading culture of growth so that they can grow faster and also allowing the business to further move with higher speed and ability.

However, as we know that palm oil is the common generally produced vegetable oil throughout the world. It can be further use in several forms like:

  • You can use it as cooking oil,
  • It can be found in every kind of packaging food,
  • You can also find the oil in your personal hygiene products, and etc…
  • Though, because of its low cost as compared to those other oils, it is using widely around the world.

Also, the most important thing which food manufacturers should understand that mondelez sustainability about palm oil that it should be free of other toxins for safe use. Thus, if it is not sustainable properly, it can provide serious social and environmental consequences for the planet.

Final Word

Thus, palm oil can be act as a poison if not delivered it perfectly. But still, we have known many irresponsible companies who are using un-authorized palm oil just for the sake of extra bucks, and that would be not saved for the planet and humans.

So, it’s always better to find a respectable company like mondelez, who knows about the policies and communities’ guidelines for producing the right amount of palm oil in their food items.


Hudson is currently an editor at Hudson Rhine. She also holds a degree in Computer Science from Bridgewater College. She loves to write about software and tech shaping the future. She lives in Virginia with her parents.

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